Monthly Archives: July 2020

Long service from employees at Meachers is common and one of those is Giselle Bird, a 52-year-old Global Marine Account Manager who joined us in 2008. Giselle’s career has always been in shipping but also in the manufacturing sector, until she started with Meachers as a Global Marine Administrator.  Since then, the Hemel Hempstead native […] Read more

Meachers’ Transport Operations Manager Andy Sheppard joined in 2014 with a varied transport background of customs, operations and container logistics, with the unique opportunity of no set role, giving him the freedom to use his previous skills to access and implement new ideas and improve what already existed at Meachers.  “I was part of a […] Read more

It’s someone’s job to ensure everyone is working in the way they should, and at Meachers that’s Amy Allen, Compliance Manager. Having joined Meachers in 2008 straight from university during the recession, Amy felt fortunate to join us at a time of expansion and held positions of Landings Administrator and Non-Core Projects Administrator before her […] Read more

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