Meet Meachers: Richard Bridge – Warehouse Operator

Meet Richard, a vital member of our warehouse team who ensures our partners at Macks Ship Stores receive their chilled and frozen goods on time and in perfect condition.

Richard grew up in Camberley, Surrey, but now calls Titchfield in Fareham home. He joined Meachers in January 2022, starting out as a Warehouseman. Since then, he’s become an expert in handling chilled and frozen food shipments.

A typical day starts at 7 am. Richard checks the system for picking tasks and incoming deliveries that need unloading. When frozen or chilled food arrives or needs dispatching to ships, he heads to Macks Ship Stores, working closely with their team throughout the morning.

Richard’s biggest achievement at Meachers is conquering the busy Christmas period. Managing the high volume of incoming and outgoing chilled and frozen goods during those hectic six to eight weeks requires meticulous accuracy. Richard takes immense pride in achieving that every time.

While his role hasn’t changed much since he started, Richard would love to see import processes simplified and streamlined, especially considering the current complexities due to Brexit.

What Richard enjoys most about his role is keeping things running smoothly on the chilled and frozen side. But even more than that, he values the fantastic team spirit at Meachers. Having a great team makes every day that much more enjoyable.

Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, whether it’s wild camping on Dartmoor or relaxing at campsites with his impressive airstream tent. He also loves unwinding with some PC time.