Meet Meachers: Lukasz Czech – Warehouse Operations Controller  

Lukasz Czech standing beside a Meachers truck

Lukasz grew up in a small town in the South Poland, before moving to the UK in 2005 following a summer visit.

Now living in Southampton, Lukasz joined Meachers in October as a Warehouse Operations Controller and is working hard to learn all aspects of the role.

Whilst Lukasz’ journey with Meachers is just beginning, he has plenty of industry experience – 19 years working in different roles, including Warehouse Manager, Shift Manager and Supervisor.

The team of seven that Lukasz works alongside are responsible for overseeing operations at two of our berth warehouses. This involves supervising daily activities, managing the warehouse team and assisting and supporting the on-site tenants.

Speaking about what has kept him working in logistics for so long, Lukasz says it’s the variety.

“Each day is different and introduces a new set of challenges that test my skills and ability. A big part of my job is finding solutions and answers for demanding, but also rewarding, situations.”

Lukasz is keen to share the knowledge he has obtained in his career to benefit the warehouse environment, his colleagues and contribute to the supportive atmosphere at Meachers.

“It is very important to me to work with people that share the same passion and dedication towards achieving goals. Working for a company with a mission to progress and expand, and desire to discover new opportunities, is extremely motivational.”

Lukasz feels that pulling together and working as a team is important; now more than ever.

“The logistics industry is still facing real challenges and difficulties in this post-Brexit and Covid environment. Organisations with a clearly defined mission, and the right motivation, will shape the landscape in logistics and distribution in coming years. I believe Meachers has the potential and aspirations to rise to these challenges.”

Having moved to the UK from Poland, Lukasz is clearly someone who likes to travel and explore new places. And this is certainly true of his hobbies, which include hiking, bush crafting and visiting beautiful places.

Welcome to the team Lukasz, we wish you well in your new role.