Meet Meachers: Emmy Janaway – Freight Forwarding Clerk

Emmy Janaway

Originally from Totton, Eling, Emmy Janaway joined Meachers in August 2023 as a Freight Forwarding Clerk.

She got interested in logistics whilst working as an apprentice at a small HR business. This chance encounter with the world of freight forwarding made her curious about pursing it as a career path. 

At Meachers, Emmy ensures shipments for Carnival are handled smoothly. Whilst she mostly deals with imports, Emmy is eager to learn more about the different areas of freight forwarding.

“Every day is different; however, the couriers are a big part of my daily routine – not knowing what will occur next keeps my role exciting and opens up many doors for learning.”

Emmy has achieved a lot during her time at Meachers. She recently completed the Freight Forwarding Essentials Course, which has boosted her confidence in doing her job well. 

Emmy knows that the logistics industry is always changing, but with the support of her team she feels ready to face any challenges that come their way. 

“The industry is getting busier as the months go on. I am gaining more experience and exposure within my role. We are constantly adapting and growing with every obstacle we face.”

Looking ahead, Emmy wants Meachers to keep growing and succeeding. She’s excited to be a part of the company’s journey and hopes to keep learning and developing in her role. 

Outside of work, Emmy loves staying active. She enjoys going to the gym, walking her dog and spending time with her colleagues outside of work. 

“The atmosphere in the office and the people I work with – I couldn’t ask for better colleagues!”