Considering holding more stock?

Is your business considering moving its supply chain away from Just-in-Time strategies and transitioning to holding more stock instead? If so, we have the team, warehousing facilities and expertise to support you.

Just-in-Time vs Just-in-Case

Just-in-Time (JIT) sees businesses minimize inventories of stock and materials to reduce costs; however, the system can bring some risks, particularly in this uncertain world.

If your business has a complex supply chain, with goods and materials arriving from overseas, or is prone to experience sudden spikes in demand, it can be difficult to manage inventory levels if there are unforeseen disruptions in the supply chain.

One way to alleviate this is to hold more stock as way to buffer your business against the unforeseen. Just-in-Case (JIC) is an alternative supply chain model that sees businesses holding a larger inventory of stock, serving to give them greater confidence and continuity.

JIC is generally used in industries where disruptions in the supply chain, long lead times, or unpredictable demand patterns are commonplace. The problem is this involves storing inventory, which adds cost and puts many businesses off.

Warehousing solutions perfect for Just-in-Case

With over 40,000 square meters of both racked and unracked storage space, monitored 24-hours a day and close to the Port of Southampton, it makes us an excellent choice for businesses looking for affordable, flexible, secure (and perfectly placed) warehousing solutions.

Our warehousing is perfect for businesses operating a JIC model and looking to:

Export and import goods/materials from the Port of Southampton and need temporary storage that is close by

Hold more stock to manage spikes in demand

Increase existing warehouse capacity

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