The Guide to Future Trends and Priorities in Transport and Warehousing 2020

Just like every industry, transport and warehousing is having to evolve and experiencing a huge shift in how it works. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, introducing new developments from drones, to driverless vehicles, to unmanned mobile robots in warehouses. Supply chain management is undergoing a major transformation so fast that, if we blink, we will miss opportunities and could be left behind.

We’ve reviewed industry experts’ analysis and academic papers and conducted our own survey of transport and logistics managers. We’ve gathered their views on the key subjects of innovation, environmental sustainability and market confidence and the result of this is a white paper which provides a guide to future trends in the industry.

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Future Trends and Priorities in Transport and Warehousing 2020 provides insight on:

  • The key innovations that will shape the industry in years to come

  • The importance of environmental sustainability and why it makes commercial sense

  • How confident transport and warehousing managers are that the industry will recover quickly

  • The role consolidation has to play in responsible distribution in city centres

  • How transport and warehousing managers are adapting their businesses in light of Covid-19

This guide is absolutely free to download.

We offer this guide in the hope it will help you in your work. Download it now and please get in contact with us if we can help you with your transport and warehousing challenges.

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